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BKFK Trading PLC

Top Quality, Competitive Price and On time Delivery Guaranteed

About BKFK

BKFK Trading PLC was founded in early 2020 by the ABBAHAWA family, whose major engagement was to cultivate and trade coffee Arabica for half a century and have become the top Ethiopian coffee exporters to Europe, Middle East, Far East, and USA, since 2006.

Ensuring Quality.

Better Prices and Faster Delivery Guaranteed

High quality products and services Fully equipped quality with the latest state of the arts laboratory is in place to ensure products and supplies are in total compliance with international requirements of sustainable packaging.

Continuous Investment to Meet the Challenge

Research and development are key to any industry; flexible packing manufacturing PLC recognized the ever-changing consumer taste and choices for a safe, secured, reliable and sustainable packaging that requires continuous investment to meet the challenge and updates in packing evaluation.

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