Flexible Packaging Printing

Flexible packaging manufacturing is a significant constituent in today’s competitive market. Products’ quality must be accompanied by quality packaging in order to penetrate the market. We specialize in the flexible packaging print industry to give you the upper hand against your competitors.  Our Flexible Packaging Manufacturing division was established in the year 2020 by the capital of 400 million birr as a sustainable packaging company.

Multi-layer of flexible laminate packaging produced for a wide spectrum of industries such as food, perfume, industrial goods etc.

Operating with a plant capacity of over from 400-600 tons, the facility is fully equipped with the latest state of the art machinery and tools. With highly skilled multiple national work force, the company is delivering:

  • High quality products, services and industry that facilitates a fully equipped control laboratory ensuring product supplies are in total compliance with international packing ambit of a sustainable packaging.
  • Research and development are key to any industry; BKFK Trading PLC recognized the ever-changing consumer taste and choices for a safe, secured, reliable and sustainable packaging that requires continuous investment to meet the challenge in packing evaluation.

Packing is well-known as a “Silent seller”. The sheet combination of design color and glass of a product gives it the shelf appeal that communicates and attracts a visitor in a market place to make buying decision. Flexible packing industry has a full-fledged, well equipped graphic department that combines human skills and technology to offer its valuable customers graphic art solutions that constitute all the ingredients that a perfect packing demands in today’s competitive global platform.