As a sister company to one of the most renowned Ethiopian coffee exporters, BKFK Trading plc mainly concentrates in the export of specialty coffee as well as soya beans.



BKFK trading plc is the sister company to abbahawa coffee export commercial and mainly concentrate in Speciality Coffee’s Preparations and Export .

Coffee to Ethiopia is almost as precious as gold, coffee is the Ethiopian gift to the world. Abbahawa is equipped with modern green coffee processing plant which enables us to prepare excellent quality coffee both washed and unwashed.

The machineries are well advanced in preparing quality coffee. The warehouse is built with modern technology including ventilation system to store the coffee at a required temperature. We confidently expect to see further improvements in the quality of products and the service we give to become the leading coffee exporter in Ethiopia.

The coffee beans are sourced directly or by vertical integration system from the farmers in Sidamo, Gujji, Yirgacheffe, Lekempti, and Jimma. The deep-rooted connections with the farmers help in sourcing top profile, quality beans. Complacent with the world class standard, the slow natural growth, and the climate of the lands makes our process unique, organic and desirable.

Types of Coffee

The company exports the best types of natural sundried, washed and unwashed coffee from parts of Ethiopia which are known for their quality coffee production.

Types of Washed Coffee

  • Yirgacheffe grade 1/2
  • Sidamo grade 1/2
  • Limmu grade 1/2
  • Gujji grade 1/2

Natural Sundries Types

  • Sidamo grade 3/4
  • Jimma grade 4/5
  • Lekempti grade 4/5
  • Gujji grade 3
  • Yirgacheffe grade 1/5

Why Us

  • Our quick response to inquiries within 24
  • We offer the best competitive price
  • We provide the best quality in the market
  • Our Timely delivery
  • Our capability of bulk quantity supply
  • Transparent business dealing with clients
  • Wide network of connections and market knowhow
  • Team of Professionals at your service to give you the best results
  • Complete satisfaction guaranteed