This weed whacker is lightweight and electrically operated but its power is no less than that of a gas trimmer. This cordless string trimmer has a trigger switch for safety as well as a metal loop that can fold down and give the trimmer balanced support, allowing it to be used as an edging tool. It weighs just 6.4 pounds and has a 3.5-foot-long shaft with an adjustable handle to accommodate users of varying heights.

You can quickly change the speed throttle with a simple push of a lever. This is a useful feature as there is no reason to run the trimmer at full speed when using around a small patch of soft weed or grass. The high-power rechargeable battery allows you to use the trimmer in any tough garden weeds. The battery indicator on the trimmer is an excellent visual indicator which tells you the remaining battery level.

Two Main Types Of Gas Weed Eater

It comes with a Smart Start system which allows easy starts with minimal effort. Also, an air purge system keeps the air out of the fuel system and adds to the ease of operations. Lastly, when using this trimmer, you will notice that the molded grip is comfortable and easy-to-handle. This will allow you a more enjoyable workday and more control than you ever thought possible. If you’re still not sure, please check out the other pages on my site to get more tips and advice about finding the best weed wacker on the market. For a price that is more affordable than going over the top, the Black and Decker 20V is a small price to pay for a tool that completes all its tasks with ease.

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Without wasting much time; we researched, experienced and picked all Best Lightweight Weed Eaters below. Because you will be carrying around the weed eater, its overall weight is an important consideration. We compared how heavy the grass trimmers are, as well as if they have an adjustable shaft length for extra, customizable comfort.

Storing Your Weed Eater For The Winter

The trimmer/edger runs on a 20V Lithium battery for longer run time and has a fixed front handle for comfort and control. The WG154 has an adjustable cutting width from 10-Inch to 12-Inch for extended run time and cutting path. The Folding spacer guard helps protect flowers and ornamental landscaping.

  • You can convert it to an edger easily as other best combo trimmers do.
  • The level of maintenance your new weed eater will need is also something to take into account.
  • Trimming and edging your yard cuts the grass that a lawn mower can’t reach, giving your yard a clean and uniform cut.
  • The 4-stroke engine may be more durable, but it adds a bit of weight to the unit.
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  • The kinds of weeds in your front or back yard also can help you decide whether you need an electric, gas or battery-powered trimmer.
  • Depending on their power source we have taken different steps to determine whether they pass the benchmark we have set up.
  • It should also be noted that they can attack brambles, very dense wild grasses, but they are not recommended for clearing land that has been abandoned for years.
  • However, you do need to have a sufficiently long, heavy duty extension cord to use your trimmer around your property.
  • In the reviews, there were many welcome features from all of the entries.

In a four-stroke engine, the oil and the fuel are in separate reserves, so there is no oil burning. The 4-stroke engine may be more durable, but it adds a bit of weight to the unit. This model may vibrate a bit more than some of the higher priced trimmer options. This is very useful as you don’t have to go out and buy separate units for different purposes.

Husqvarna 115il Cordless Weed Eater

But this is due to beefed up battery which lasts around an hour of continuous use. The use of a power cord means it’s ideal for any small to medium size garden. The “power-command” variable speed setting allows you to choose more power, better battery performance, or anything in between. This is an excellent rated battery as it delivers the necessary power while lasting longer, so you don’t have to charge it often.

It allows the seamless and trouble-free transition from the trimming to edging. The variable speed control provides extra runtime and versatility. The battery is 56V Max Lithium-Ion, and the unit comes with a battery indicator. The rust-free aluminum telescoping shaft provides safe trimming distance and allows you to reach at tight spots without bending. The high-quality lightweight shaft can withstand any stress while trimming.

This model has a “smart start” feature designed to ease the starting of the gas engine; something that gas-powered trimmers are notorious for. Further impressive, the weed eater boasts a twin line cutting mechanism fed by a tap and go feed system as bigger units do. The leader by a slight edge in terms of raw weed-slashing power is the Husqvarna. In those terms, it comes close to the power afforded by a gas-engine trimmer. The Echo, DeWalt , and Makita tied in the next closest tier in terms of power equality with gas.

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Curved shaft trimmers are more suited to open spaces since they are more ergonomic and easier to use. Conversely, straight shaft trimmers are suited to smaller lawns with lots of tight corners. If you’re torn in between, you can opt for a 2-in-1 model that offers both configurations. Like any other purchase, you’ll also want to look at how much you can and are willing to spend on a string trimmer.

With the automatic choke, you still close the choke fully, then pull until it fires. The choke then opens, pull the cord again, without your fingers on the throttle. The trimmer will fire up at a high idle, without you touching it.

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Using other wires or blades of different sizes can cause severe damage to your tool. In fact, each user will choose the type of machine that their pocket can afford and that best suits their needs. But there are at least three fundamental reasons for choosing a wireless cutter. An 80V battery will provide about 45 minutes of run time, which is good for larger yards. More expensive models will be more powerful, last longer, and will usually come with a longer warranty.

The smooth and well-designed edging guide wheel helps you roll the string trimmer smoothly and prevents scalping. When you’re done edging, you simply push the button again and get back into trimming mode. You should also recharge any discharged batteries after each use to maintain the battery life cycle.

Top 10 Best Electric Weed Eater And Edger Combos 2020 – Bestgamingpro – Best gaming pro

Top 10 Best Electric Weed Eater And Edger Combos 2020 – Bestgamingpro.

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These specialized devices are fairly easy to operate and allow you an enhanced level of flexibility when it comes to cutting grass and weeds. This weed eater from Worx is the easiest weed wacker for a woman to use. It comes in at the extremely light weight of just 5 pounds and is extremely easy to lift. It comes with 3 20V batteries so you can always have some power ready. You can use one of the batteries while the other two are charging and ready to use. We recommend sticking with either a corded or battery powered option if you don’t wish to spend too much time maintaining the weed eater.

Best Overall: Black+decker (lst 40v String Trimmer

It has an impressive 18-inch swath, so you can cover a greater area quickly, while the dual string means it easily dispatches even thick weeds. The lack of edging features is a bit of a disappointment and this is not a great option for small, hard-to-reach areas. The PowerSmart PS 4532 Gas String Trimmer is the ultimate choice for anyone looking to reduce labor. It’s a powerful machine that can handle high grass and dense weed clusters without giving in to the elements.

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As you will be using the trimmer to clean up your backyard, a heavy trimmer will consume your energy very soon. LST300 comes with an improved version of the MAX Lithium-ion battery. The battery performance has surpassed the previous versions remarkably. Trigger switches are intended to prevent the trimmer from being turned on accidentally. It’s a simple feature that locks the trigger unless the switch is being held.

This model boasts a 4.8-star rating over more than 200 reviews on Amazon. The trimmer features a 15-inch cutting swath and a motor that’s designed for low vibrations. The battery is compatible with other EGO POWER+ tools and includes LED charging indicators. You can find the tool itself, without the battery included, at Lowe’s and Ace Hardware. The core of what makes this a truly impressive multipurpose tool is the set of wheels that is attached to the back of the head.

However, gas-powered weed eaters are the loudest, vibrate the most, and cost the most to purchase and maintain, requiring regular tune-ups and oil changes. When it comes to any power tool, it’s important that you know your product model. Review the manufacturer’s instructions thoroughly to ensure you understand all the safety risks and recommendations for handling and care. This trimmer is a good choice if you’re looking for something portable and user-friendly.

So, you need to consider the power, weight, noise pollution, maintenance cost if you want to buy a gas string trimmer. Makita XRU13Z curved shaft trimmer comes with a long-lasting 18-volt LXT Lithium-ion battery. This cordless unit has automatic speed change technology that adjusts the cutting speed automatically. If trimming the grass and weeds isn’t how you want to spend the weekend, why not have someone do it for you?

A lightweight, straight-shaft, gas-powered string trimmer designed to deliver maximum reach. Here are some useful safety tips when using electric weed trimmer. Improper use of the weed trimmer may cause injury or damage to property or person.

Each of these models provide outstanding specifications, as well as features that can make it easier and more affordable to trim on a regular basis. Many of these models also include a worthwhile warranty, best weed eater which can help justify an investment in a gas weed eater even further. Fortunately, most modern, lightweight weed eaters have come up with better designs of line feed to relieve us from this task.

You don’t have to worry about remembering to feed more line yourself; instead, you just keep doing your job, and the weed eater uses its own intelligence to send the line along. It’s definitely convenient, but in the event of an issue, it is a bit harder to fix since the feed line is hidden by the head and may cost more for repair. There are plenty to choose from and plenty of different features to sift through. Below you’ll find 7 of the best weed eaters that get the job done.