After reading this article, I hope you can appreciate my lawn leveling obsession, and perhaps learned a few things. Keeping your lawn level is an ongoing process, but with some simple steps it’s really quite easy and can make a huge difference to the quality of your lawn. Also, check out my recommended gear section here for all the tools and products I use. For the slightest of bumps (less than 1”), it may be possible to flatten them by stepping on them during the spring months when the ground is soft.

It looks similar to a multi-purpose garden rake, but it is designed for more heavy-duty jobs and is therefore made from more durable materials. This type of rake will typically have a wider head than a garden rake, with widely spaced, chunky tines, made from strong metal. These rakes will usually cost more to buy than standard garden rakes because they require a superior construction in order to fulfill the heavy-duty tasks they are designed for. They are great for spreading material over the ground, including gravel, stones, or mulch. The tines of these rakes are not flexible and can handle tougher materials without being damaged or losing strength.

Help Understanding Power Rake

Don’t over-irrigate to the point that your soil becomes muddy. You can now begin making applications of topsoil mix to your lawn by broadcast spreading it over your lawn with a shovel. When you top dress a lawn, you will spread a mix of soil or soil compost and fine sand.

  • Thanks to its size and lightweight , you can work without fatigue for a long time.
  • Mix up the batch of leveling mix in a wheelbarrow.
  • Nightcrawlers are big earthworms that can grow up to several inches in size.
  • A landscape rake is a specialized garden tool that is more likely to be found in the truck bed of a landscaping company than it is in the garage of a typical homeowner.
  • A layer of more than ½-inch may eventually prevent grass from growing further, making your whole ground look awful in the short and probably long term.
  • All of our downspouts were pointed away from foundation but onto cheap splash guard.
  • If that’s the case, then you’ve successfully leveled your yard.

It is probably some cheap builder grade stuff but I am unsure. The back yard does not get any afternoon sun and grows much more slowly. About a year ago I purchased my first home, a foreclosure in North Georgia.

Flattening Mounds With A Garden Roller

When the neighbors had this done their lawns looked very similar. In the deep spots the sand had to fill in from the sides. I used my ATV to pull a large wagon, and between my neighbor and I we spread the majority of the sand in about 4-5 hours. We used a large push broom to do the majority of the smoothing.

Regrading is the process of leveling out the ground of your yard to improve its drainage, sort out the unevenness, and enhance your home’s overall appearance. Such a rake is convenient to use even for tall people. However, if necessary, you can remove one of the sections and shorten the handle by a third.

My Experiences Leveling My Lawn With Sand

The latter is convenient because the cutting mechanism of the device significantly crushes the grass during mowing so that you don’t need to remove it from the surface of the lawn. Chopped grasses fall to the ground and rot, acting as additional fertilizer. Finally, spread the rest of your topsoil, which should add at least another four inches. If you need to add more topsoil you should buy a loam that is free of debris, such as roots, stones, weed, seeds, and pesticides. The finished grade should end up matching the level of existing fixtures—walkways, patios, and established lawn.

yard leveling rake

I’d love to use a dedicated lawn leveling take or lute (commonly called a “levelawn”). It seems like a simple design, and the rake isn’t made from yard leveling rake solid gold or another precious metal. When the builder installed the lawn, they applied sandy loam but then waited over a week to put the sod in.

The Levelawn

They work well at dragging debris out from beneath shrubs and large plants without damaging the plant itself. They can also be used to break up the soil, and move it around to give it a more fluffed up texture. In the absence of a thatch rake, this rake could also be used to remove thatch build up from a lawn. A lawn leveling rake is a tool that allows you to level soil and dirt evenly in your garden to get a more level lawn.

yard leveling rake

You can buy leaf rakes in various different widths, depending on what sized yard you are working with. The mix that you make will be used to fill in any uneven areas. After filling in the holes you will use the rake to level it with the surface of the lawn.

You can also use a water-filled roller to treat the problem. Fill the roller with one-third of water and go back to forth over the yard. Add more water if the surface is not flattened and repeat the process until it smooths out.

Use one side for breaking up the thatch and the other side for removing it. If there is more than half an inch thatch between the grass and the soil, you will need to dethatch. By evaluating where exactly the thatch has become a problem, you can save some time and energy, attacking those areas specifically. That said, if a large portion of your yard is riddled with thatch, you may want to use a machine for dethatching. Lawns can become bumpy over time due to various causes, some of which interact with each other to hasten the creation of dips and bumps.

I had it delivered which cost extra, but if you have a pickup you just pull up and they’ll fill up the bed of your truck, which holds about 3/4-1 yard depending on the truck. My sandy lawn has had plenty of organic fertilizer since 2002. I wondered about that and put some into a jar of water. The white sand fell instantly to the bottom while the large, black, organic particles floated on top.

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If the lawn is still uneven, repeat the topdressing process—applying no more than 1/2 inch at a time—until it is level. Mix a batch of leveling mix in a wheelbarrow or tub, using a shovel. Mix well so the sand and compost are fully blended with the soil. For ease in applying your soil mixture and seeing where all the bumps and depressions are, mow your lawn on your lawn mower’s lowest setting. Think scalping the entire lawn or the areas of the lawn requiring leveling. If desired, you can stake off the areas needing attention.

The most popular of our maintenance tools is our Levelawn. Coming in two sizes with both a 30″ and 36″ head, this tool is a must have for anyone that is seeding new grass or simply needs to level their lawn with topdressing. Modern hand-rakes usually have steel, plastic, or bamboo teeth or tines, though historically they have been made with wood or iron. Some rakes are two-sided and made with dull blades in the shapes of slight crescents, used for removing dead grass from lawns.

yard leveling rake

First, add 2 inches of topsoil near your foundation and till it into the existing soil to promote good drainage. Then add another 4 to 6 inches of soil, but leave 6 to 8 inches of your foundation visible. Gradually distribute soil until you have the slope you want, then use a landscaping rake to create an even surface. The best top dressing for your lawn depends on your soil type. For sandy or loam soils, use a gritty top dressing such as coarse sand or a mixture of coarse sand, peat or compost, and topsoil.

Minor Leveling With Topdressing

To get the best results for How to Level a Yard Without a Tractor, you need to follow some preventive measures. After leveling the yard, it is crucial to take some preventive measures to avoid new bumps and depressions. Leveling the yard is simply the procedure to create a smooth and even surface that doesn’t have unwanted bumps or groups. Carefully monitor the process in such an area and if it is still uneven, repeat the process until you are satisfied.

rubber cap fits tightly over most hammers and costs about $1 at home centers and hardware stores. You can store shovels, rakes, a sledgehammer—any long-handled tools—conveniently up and out of the way. The unit holds up to 14 items, giving you more flexibility and storage capacity than nails pounded in the wall.See how to build it. To edge your lawn, garden, or flowerbed, lay down a 2×6.

You’ll find full instructions for both these methods outlined in the steps above. If you’re hiring a professional to level a large, very uneven or sloping lawn, you may be looking at a price tag of around $2,000 or more. However, if you just need to flatten out a few lumps and bumps, the cost may be closer to $500. You’ll save a lot of money by doing the work yourself, but you’ll likely still need to spend some money on materials and tools. Look for any bare spots in your lawn where you had to remove your grass.

It functions optimally when the grass is cut to around 1.5 inches or less. The tool is made of stainless steel using double spot welding made of stainless steel that prevents the item from tarnishing. Brush through the lawn to remove small stones, pull out dried up roots, and renew the grass. The tool is suitable for all types of lawn and ground. If you have damaged grass or turf areas that need some TLC Standard Golf has tools that can help in this regard as well. From full on turf repair/transplant tools to hand aerifiers and even lawn spikes and staples, Standard Golf can help.

Designed with care and attention to every detail, so as to ensure that your job is made as easy and enjoyable as possible. This professional landscaping tool takes the strain, rather than your back. Our hand-crafted tool is made to help you acheive the very best results. Stainless steel, heavy duty design with quality construction. If you want to improve your garden soil quality or your lawn aesthetics, rakes can be your best friend.

yard leveling rake

These are very small and specialized rakes that have small heads and a short handle. They are usually made of metal so that they can reach into a fireplace or grill without risk of catching on fire, and they are used to clean out grills and fireplaces. They pull ashes towards the user and can be used to quickly scoop out anything left behind. © cbckchristine / Adobe StockSometimes spot-correcting just isn’t enough. If your lawn has large slopes or deep, wide pits, regrading the whole area is the only way to get an even surface. This will cover your existing grass, so you’ll need to resod or reseed.

You will never be able to level your garden by eye with simple shovels and rakes. Our Screened Topsoil lawn and garden is a sandy loam material that is produced from Colorado soils. Use our topsoil to fill and level low spots in yards and to increase soil depth to desired grade prior to tilling in compost. As a fill material, screened topsoil is easy to work and compacts well, reducing unwanted settling when building up a lawn area. The sandy loam texture allows increased water movement through the soil compared to heavy clay soils that cause water to puddle. Our topsoil has been run through a screen to eliminate large clods and produces a superior soil that is easy to rake and smooth.

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With a leveling rake or a push-broom, work the soil mixture in the grass thoroughly. Make sure it is even all around by raking the topdressing mix. This will prevent any suffocation and keep the grass receiving light and moisture. To level the yard, you’ll need to cover most of its area with the topsoil. This will help you have the same mix of sand, topsoil, and compost on the whole surface.

Shovel and rake are the tools you need to level ground by hand. You can pack the soil of your ground by using the bottom of the rake or your feet if the area you have leveled is small. If you have to level a large piece of land then you should remove the grass to make leveling easier. The process of leveling uneven ground depends upon the extent of its unevenness. In terms of the rake itself it works great and helps to remove stones and spread material evenly around your garden. The Varomorus brand has 3 sizes of leveling rake so you can get the perfect fit for your specific needs.

In most cases, there is an underlying issue that needs addressing. Get rid of such a problem before you start fixing because it is important for a long-term fix. Often the drainage problem, irrigation pipes, or broken water pipes can cause bumps and depressions. If there are two or three spots around the areas where there are water or drainage pipes, make sure there is no leakage. If you want to get started now, check whether you have all the tools and equipment you need.

The lower parts will have to be done repeatedly over time. Ray C Just bought a new home from DR Horton in Tomball, TX and they did a very POOR job leveling the lawn. I had standing water in one spot, so they dug a trench all around the house. I have holes on one side that my foot sinks into it, I mow the lawn and pushing my mower I feel like I’m in a four wheeler. Once your final grade is established, you can lay sod or you can start grass from seed. The finished grade should end up matching the level of existing the fixtures .