In this category, it is my opinion that 95-96% is a balanced market. Opinions vary on whether writing a personal letter helps or not. Some real estate agents are against it and say they won’t even show it to the seller. “Most sellers do not want to risk having to put their home back on the market because a sale fell through due to a contingency,” Burns explains. During a contingency period, a buyer can back out of the contract for a variety of reasons.

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  • I fine-tuned the offer so that his jersey number – 64 – was included in the offer amount ($964,000 Canadian dollars) Download Bid Wars 2 APK for Android and the deposit amount ($64,000 Canadian dollars).
  • Plus, there’s no need for a lender to be involved, helping to eliminate the risk with financing and often speeding up the closing process.
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  • The removal date and time will be posted on the terms for each individual auction.REMOVAL TIMES ARE ABSOLUTE – IF YOU CAN NOT REMOVE YOUR ITEMS DURING SCHEDULED PICK-UP TIMES, DO NOT BID!

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The agent can promote the listing by placing the link in an email or on social media and share the information and any documents with buying agents and prospects. Beggins also finds an escalation clause can help procure a winning bid. His agency will often include such a clause that states the buyer will beat any offer by 1% up to a certain capped amount. Beggins in Tampa encourages his buying agents to ask larger deposits of their clients as a means of demonstrating greater interest to sellers.

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Ultimately the home sold in less than 48 hours thanks to the increased foot traffic and a well-executed plan that led to multiple offers. Lobos tried the method again on another house, and it sold in less than a week. Take one of Lobos listings—a hoarder house in the $100,000-$120,000 range that generated 12 offers the day it was listed.

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