If any application is available in Google Play, they can easily install it on their firestick but aos tv apk is not available for direct download. TickTick is the only thing keeping me organized these days. It’s a free to-do app that lets you create a simple list of what’s coming up on your schedule. Companion apps are available on Windows, macOS, iPadOS, and just about everywhere else you could want to sync your to-do list, so you’re set whenever you want to check in on your schedule. D00M is a port from the original Doom title that is credited for being one of the main FPS pioneers.

You can download all these apps & games from the Galaxy App store. The Galaxy Watch Active 2 is new in the market and developers still trying to optimize their apps. You may notice some apps missing from the store so be patient, all the apps will come to your smartwatch in the next few weeks.

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The free version has limited functionality, and the $2.99 pro app expands the list of supported stations, shows Top 10 lists for each country, and adds a widget for easy playback. APK 7 – Download App APKs for Android There are some hidden gems on Samsung’s watches, so we decided to highlight some of the best third-party applications we could find. This list doesn’t include watch faces , nor are we including any of Samsung’s own apps (since most of them are pre-installed). So use these tools if you like to customize your Android phone’s looks and its functions.

  • Best phone hacking app for iPhone, Spybubble takes less than 5 minutes to set up and can track devices in a few easy steps.
  • This feature may not be used for dynamic, automatic, or serial changes, such as to reflect up-to-date weather information, calendar notifications, etc.
  • Moreover, every aspect of the design is adjustable according to your custom requirements.

If you are a fan of Legend of Zelda games, of course, there is no doubt that this game is a must-have a game. Although many games try to make retro games like the ones in the NES, only a few are successful, for example, Shovel Knight. This indie game platformer is quite great, considering that even if it is only made by indie developers, this game can enter the top 10 of the best Wii U games.

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Next up, we’re going to feature some apps for music and audio. Here are our top 3 picks for the best Android apps for music.